Handyman Magnabend

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Handyman Magnabend

Post by AayBee »

I have recently posted a full set of drawings for this improved Magnabend Design.
See my website here: http://aaybee.com.au/Magnabend/Magnaben ... Model.html

Handyman Magnabend 3D Model
Handyman Magnabend 3D Model
Handyman Magnabend5.gif (181.95 KiB) Viewed 1132 times
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Re: Handyman Magnabend

Post by TonyB »

I built a 720mm long Magnabend last year using Alan's website as the basis for design and construction.

I used conventional sheet metal folder hinges for the bending beam because the handyman design had not at that time been loaded to the website.

Nevertheless it's a very useful addition to my workshop equipment and of great interest to visitors who are greatly impressed with the power of the magnetic forces that are produced and the clamping forces generated.

Alan, many thanks indeed for setting up the website, for providing the detailed practical information it contains and for your personal encouragement and assistance during construction.

I wouldn't have attempted this project were it not for your website and I could not have pulled it off without your involvement.

Thanks again and keep up the great work.
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Re: Handyman Magnabend

Post by Kris »

I didn't realise you had released this revised design, but thanks very much Alan!
On the surface, this seems like a much more viable build option for me. I look forward to some more reading about it this evening.

I'm in the process of learning CAD (FreeCAD and Fusion360). Is it possible to purchase the CAD model to play around with?
It would be great to have real world project to apply the learnings to. As I don't have any CNC or 3D printers, I find most of the tutorial exercises are more theoretical than practical to build with the tooling I have available, would be nice to have something more practical to learn with and eventually realise in the real world.
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